Sunday, January 25, 2015

Truth 1.3 --- Psalm 86:11

It's neat to see how others in our Documented Faith group pick out different aspects of the same verse to focus on and illustrate in their journals. 

Our verse this past week was Psalm 86:11.
Teach me Your way, O Lord,
and I will walk in Your truth;
give me an undivided heart
that I may fear Your name. 

Not only did David pray to be saved from his enemies throughout the Psalms, but he prayed that God would keep him on the right path. This reminds me that physical safety and healing is not the most important thing in life.

It seems like there are so many distractions that make it hard to give my full allegience to God... you know, life... and this verse is a wonderful prayer for God's guidance.

May I have an undivided heart and walk in God's TRUTH.


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