Saturday, August 19, 2017

Rain, Rain, It's Okay - Part 3

After 4 months, I'm finally realizing the blessings of the flood. As I was walking by the old house the other night, I found myself thanking God for the flood... for seeing His hands and feet in action by those who helped us move... for the purging we were forced to accomplish... for a house that is on a hill instead of in the "hollow" area... and for Jessika making the brave decision to move into the dorm at college.

I mentioned to my 16 year old son how I can finally see the good in the flood. He agreed! He showed me some artwork he's created for tattoos he'd like to get someday. He wants the Japanese symbols for strength and flood, one on each wrist, to remind him that strength comes after the flood. Wow! He's been processing more than I knew. I'm so glad he's seeing the good!

Alone, these realizations may not seem like much. But after the stress of the flood, moving, and not knowing where we'd end up living, they are like milestones for our family.  I'm thankful I can now consider these trials as joy (James chapter 1). And instead of dreading the rain as something negative, I'm beginning to recognize the imagery of water washing over me as God's cleansing, forgiveness, and grace.

I'm feeling more settled in our house and enjoy making it home. Today I've been doing things that I haven't done since the flood - my Saturday routine of making fruit leather, baking, and hanging out with my family. I've missed those normal things; and even though it's a little bit different in this house, the familiarity is comforting.

I'm thankful for God's mercy that falls like a sweet spring rain!

Strength came after the flood.

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