Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Hello, I'm Terri...

...and I'm a procrastinator!

There, I said it. I've always known it but usually blame it on something else. I'm too busy... I have four kids... I have too much going through my head to keep it all straight... I work full-time... I have chemo brain...

Glynnis Whitwer's new book Taming the To-Do List has helped me recognize some issues in my procrastination, or what I like to call my organized chaos! Understanding some reasons why I don't accomplish everything is helping me see what I need to change in my thinking and implementation of my to-do list. This book is very practical, and while reading it, I felt like it was describing ME!

I appreciate the personal examples which also give practical tips for improvement. Glynnis Whitwer includes an application at the end of each chapter for two areas the reader identifies at the beginning of the book: a regular task - I'm working on our budget - and a personal goal - I'm dreaming about ways to use my cancer experience.

I'm grateful to Revell for sending me this book for review. It is easy to read, completely relevant, and gives tangible tools to help us all tame our to-do lists!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Season of Leaves

I hate leaves... the dead leaves that make a home in my gutters and pile up all over my yard, porch, yard, flower beds, yard, patio... and did I mention yard??? I hate cleaning them out of all those places. I hate the smell of damp leaves that have been snoozing in the gutters and on the ground. I hate the critters that are hiding in the smelly wet leaves.

I was thinking about how much I hate those dead leaves today as I was scooping out the slime that was growing miniature trees in the gutters. And for an instant I wondered why we even have to mess with leaves in the fall. But then I was quickly reminded of Ecclesiastes chapter 3...  

There is a time for everything, 
and a SEASON for every activity under heaven. 

What if there were no leaves to clean up in the fall? 

I would miss out on the sweet flowers that appear on the trees as we welcome spring.

I would miss out on the new leaves and their sea of green that provide an umbrella of shade in the summer.

I would miss out on the miracle of the changing colors of the leaves that announce fall.

I would miss out on the bare branches that seem to strike a pose against the winter backdrop.

And I would miss out on recognizing how God's amazing creation changes with each SESAON! 

I turned my griping into rejoicing as I scooped leaves out of the gutters and raked them out of the garden. I actually found myself thankful for the smelly wet leaves. Thankful for the opportunity to be outside soaking up some sunshine and vitamin D. Thankful for getting a work-out while checking off an item on my to-do list. And thankful that my collection of leaves made the silly chickens so happy.

Yes, I am thankful for the season of leaves!

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Monday, September 7, 2015

Why We Walk

It's time for another Light the Night Walk, and we need your support!!!

There's always confusion and mixed feelings when it comes to fundraising. I hate asking for money, and people want to know where their money is going. So, let me explain...

TEAM TERRI's participation in the Light the Night Walk is NOT a fundraiser for us personally. All proceeds from the Light the Night Walk go to the The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to help advance their mission:  to CURE leukemia, lymphoma, Hodgkin's disease and myeloma, and improve the quality of life of patients and their families.

Here's a graphic showing how funds are used by LLS.

As a blood cancer patient, LLS has personally been a benefit to me through:

Educational Materials

LLS has materials for each specific type of blood cancer. It's been my "go-to" place for information on my two types of non-Hodgkin lymphoma. In fact, it's where I learned my Stage 3 diagnosis didn't necessarily mean the same as other Stage 3 cancers. Whew! The internet can be a scary place when looking up cancer. LLS is a reputable source with helpful information for my specific type of cancer. They also offer seminars (on-line and locally), forums, and on-line chats and webinars.

Co-Pay Assistance Program

I was able to qualify for the Co-Pay Assistance Program that reimburses me for co-pays during treatment and follow-up. It also reimburses part of my insurance premiums. That has been a huge help considering we drive 150 miles round trip for each appointment, port flush, and scan... not to mention paying for those appointments and scans :)

Government Advocacy

LLS has an advocacy group that works on behalf of cancer patients from the local to national level. They make it easy for others to be involved by providing links with e-mails already composed ready for us to hit send.

Light the Night Walk

The Light the Night Walk is a special evening that honors patients and survivors, caregivers, and those who have lost their battle to blood cancer. Our family represents all three groups - me as a survivor (white lantern), my family as excellent caregivers (red lantern), and in memory of my husband's grandmother who passed away from lymphoma before targeted therapies were developed (gold lantern). We're also walking in honor of my father-in-law who was recently diagnosed with multiple myleoma. The walk is very personal for our family!


I love the truth of this picture...

The outcome of my therapy may have been totally different if not for the development of Rituxan - a targeted therapy that has been available for only 20 years. Without funding, there is no research. Without research, there aren't as many survival stories. In fact, 40 years ago, there was only a 3% chance of surviving childhood leukemia. Today, 90% of children with leukemia survive! Amazing!

So... that's why we participate in the Light the Night Walk and give to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. We'd love for you to support TEAM TERRI as we walk to the end of blood cancer.

Join our team or donate here!