Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Goodness... it's been four months since I updated my blog.

Today was a routine four month check up with labs, a port flush, AND finally meeting my new doctor. The verdict? We liked him!!! He had obviously studied my file and even sounded like he had been my doctor from the beginning. 

He changed the schedule of my port flushes to coincide better with my check ups, so now I'll go every two months for that and then every four months for labs and visits with him or the NP. And he said we'd wait until it's been a year to do another CT scan (which will be February)!

He also said if I'd only had the diffuse large B cell lymphoma (aggressive), I'd be good to go with no more scans. But... I don't... and the follicular lymphoma (indolent) is a bit trickier. Part of the trick is finding a balance between staying on top of a recurrence/relapse without exposing me to unnecessary radiation that could cause another kind of malignancy down the road. 

As we were walking to the car, Daryl laughed and said, "You just had to have the follicular, didn't you!" Thanks, Hon!

Besides cancer, there are a lot of aspects to life that require balance. I seem to have been off balance the last few months not only with my blogging, but with my exercising and even my quiet time (not to mention cleaning, organizing, appointments, budget, etc). It's all been a little random and hit-and-miss. 

After seeing some very frail patients at the clinic today, I decided I need to get serious about toning my body and building physical strength. And more importantly, I need to make my quiet time with God a priority and build my spiritual strength. It's time to find balance!