Friday, February 6, 2015

Fun Times with the CT Scan

As long as I'm journaling this whole journey for the world to read, I might as well include today's CT scan adventure. So I drive 70+ miles to Tulsa, take the wrong exit, but thankfully find my way to the hospital. I finally find a parking space, get to the right floor, and find where I check in. Already I've accomplished a lot!!!

I was prepared to pay my whole deductible and 20%, but insurance shows almost half of my deductible has been met. I'm not sure how, but I'm not arguing! Then I go to the radiology waiting room, fill out papers, and wait for the yummy drink. But the drink never comes... When the guy called me back, I asked if I was supposed to drink something. He said they quit doing that about a month ago and found it saved about an hour per patient. I hate to break it to them, but it did NOT make my visit any shorter.

I get the IV needle placed in my arm and sit and wait with a nice warm blanket (the best part). They call me back to the CT room and tell me I need to take off my bra if it has an underwire. Hmmmm. That's never been an issue with all my previous scans. No biggie, except I have an IV needle sticking out of my arm with my shirt and sweater sleeves pushed up above my elbow!!! Why couldn't they mention that BEFORE the IV?

The scan started with the same ol' instructions: take a breath and hold... breathe... take a breath and hold... breathe... I lost count. Then it was time for the contrast - nasty metallic taste and a warmth that spreads across my chest and downward until it feels like I've wet my pants. Seriously! It's the weirdest thing! And now you'll be prepared when it's your turn.

Finally, it's done and a different guy unhooks me and leads me out... without giving me the opportunity to put a certain article of clothing back on... Fun times!

The humor takes away some of the "scanxiety" - so it's all good. Just making memories!

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