Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Angela's Insight

One thing about cancer is that it creates an instant bond between cancer patients. An even stronger bond happens when people share the same type of cancer. I've been blessed by two non-Hodgkin lymphoma survivors that I have met through Facebook. We're close in age (which is relatively young for NHL), one had Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma, one had Follicular Lymphoma, and I had both. Friends for life!

One of these new friends posted six statements about cancer patients on her Facebook that are really, really good! Some may be obvious, but a couple of them struck me as "Whoa! That's exactly how I feel... but have never verbalized it."

Thank you, Angela Sposato, for your insight!

A person who has had cancer never wants to be forgotten.
Maybe that's why I wear a lime green bracelet, 
a cancer ribbon necklace, 
and paint the tips of one nail on each hand lime green. 

A person who has had cancer is changed forever... their new kind of life started the day of diagnosis. 
A cancer diagnosis causes 
a whole new outlook on life... 
and death... 

If a person is lucky to reach remission, they will now count in months, and hopefully years, they can stay there. 
I am at 9 months. 

We walk around with Post Traumatic Stress, because we were literally in battle.
One of my triggers is hearing of a friend 
who has been diagnosed. 
It takes me right back to my own diagnosis. 

The ones who survive live with "survivor guilt" and wonder why we were spared.
I don't talk about this, but it's there. 
Why is my journey somewhat easy 
(all things considered) 
while others go through hell??? 

We are grateful to our researchers, nurses, and oncologists who gave us a SECOND chance at life...but we beg for a CURE.
Although I would love for a cure 
to be discovered in my lifetime, 
I rest in the fact that heaven 
will be my ultimate healing. 

And to add a statement of my own that may or may not apply to all cancer patients...

Don't be afraid to ask me questions and talk about my experience. I want to share. I want to help. I want to be a blessing to others. And I want to glorify God!

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