Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Anniversary???

A year ago today, Christmas Eve morning, I was sitting at my mom's table checking Facebook and eating lots of goodies when my mom noticed a lump near my collarbone. It was the dreaded "C" word - non-Hodgkin lymphoma. The beginning of a new journey...

I have a lot of mixed emotions when thinking about how it all began. On one hand it seems like forever ago, and on the other hand it seems like I'm going through it all again right now. It's been a wild year where we've experienced everything from fear, doubt, and worry to joy, contentment, and unexplainable peace that can only come from God. (You can start reading about our journey here.)

We opened our family gifts last night before going to my mom's house. Daryl and I decided our gift to each other is our cruise in February, so we weren't going to exchange gifts. As usual, He didn't follow the rules... He gave me this new coffee mug that is a perfect reminder of who God is and how His names have played out in our journey this year.


Battle Fighter


Giver of Peace

Ever Present One

Our Righteousness


Good Shepherd

It's like the mug was made just for us! Now each day as I enjoy my morning cup of coffee or my evening cup of tea, I will thank God for how He has demonstrated His names in our lives. And I will smile thinking about how Daryl picked out the perfect gift!

We're looking forward to how God will work in our lives in the coming year.

Merry Christmas!

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