Monday, August 5, 2013

A Puppy, Bunny, and Chickens... Oh, My!

Last year we were pet-free, and it was sooooo nice. I don't know what happened, but now we have a puppy, bunny, and chickens! I blame part of it on cancer - HA!

When we were at the beginning stages of this whole journey, we all had trouble sleeping. We were not having fun. Our second oldest daughter had the hardest time and might have gone a week straight with no sleep. She knew of a bunny that needed a new home and caught me in a moment of weakness. I thought it might help her focus on something other than my health, plus she promised to take care of it.

Well, the silly bunny is down right noisy hopping around in his cage. And he seemed to be most active when Jenifer needed sleep. So, he is now in our living room... and Daryl and I are taking care of him... for a fee, of course! He's the cutest lop-eared bunny ever :)


Then towards the end of my chemo treatments we were asked if we wanted to help with chickens. Our science teacher raises chicks in the spring for a 4-Him class (think 4-H). The class ends and those cute little chicks grow up. We take turns letting out the chickens and feeding them in the mornings, gathering eggs, and shutting them up at night. Yes, I'm getting up earlier than usual to let out the chickens and feed them! I've always thought it would be neat to have chickens and fresh eggs. Now I really get to do it! They're the funniest chickens ever :)

Three of the newer chickens

And then there's Lil' Buddy - our new 1 y/o Beagle mix. He was a stray and found our neighbors...who already have a dog... They tried so hard to find him a home, but no one could take him. They would even bring the dog to our door trying to play the sad-puppy-dog-eyes card! We were strong for several days, but then just like the bunny, I was caught in a moment of weakness. We now have a cute puppy who likes to chew on anything and everything... even my Chaco sandals... not the cheap Walmart flip flops! He's the craziest puppy ever :)

Lil' Buddy

It feels like things are getting back to normal - feeding the bunny, letting out the chickens, gathering eggs, and walking the dog! But not exactly like before lymphoma. I have a different mindset now - I don't want to take things for granted (like each day of life), I don't want to let the little things get to me (like the dog eating my shoe, digging up my flowers, and taking a bite of my son's birthday cake), and I definitely don't want to forget WHO has given me this good life - this great life!  

Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.
~ James 1:17

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