Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Scan Time

Wow! It's been a year since I finished chemo and had a CT scan that showed "excellent results." There are days it seems like forever ago - and there are days it seems like yesterday. This journey is definitely more emotional than physical.

So, today was my one year follow up CT scan (six months since the last scan). It all kind of seems routine now... drive 73 miles to Tulsa, drink the barium stuff, get the IV dye that causes the weirdest sensation (those who have had it know exactly what I mean), take a breath and hold, breathe, repeat a few times, drive 73 miles home. Mostly the scan is relaxing, and I just close my eyes and spend some time praying.

Of course I'm praying for a clear scan! But I also pray that God will be glorified. I'm aware that my follicular lymphoma is not curable and may flare up again. I also know that God is God, God is good, and God is faithful.

Now we wait until next week to get the results from my oncologist, do blood work, and have my port flushed. Until then, I'm relying on God's promises and putting my trust in Him.

My daughter Jordyn took the photo, I added the verse.

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